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Prince Albert Weeding

Prince Albert Weeding

“Shooting up like weeds”. Everyone has heard the phrase and this one is popular because it is true. Every day, property owners all over Saskatchewan are greeted by weeds great and small. From tall, thorny-stalks to patches of crab grass, invasive plants can be obvious or sly but they are all bad news! Sure, they look bad but unwanted plants can do more damage than just a drop in curb appeal. If your outdoor space is being overrun with unwanted greens, call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your Prince Albert weeding needs.

The Truth About Weed Control

When a yard becomes overrun with weeds, it gives off a bad impression. Large numbers of unwanted and invasive plant life tells the outside world that there is no one taking care of that property. This type of drop in curb appeal makes it nearly impossible to take pride in your outdoor space, sell your house or encourage customers to come inside. Weed control has a major impact not only on visual appeal but on the overall condition of your lawn or garden. On any given property, there are only so many resources to go around. If unwanted plants are popping up, they are also sucking up nutrients and water. You might want to kill the weeds in your yard, but that is easier said than done. Depending on the different types of weeds that you are dealing with, property owners are looking at either chemical or physical removal techniques.

Even a basic weed killer can be a major threat to your lawn. Instead of spraying away, professional weeding services address plants head-on with the least contact possible with surrounding areas. You might be able to tug out broadleaf weeds here and there but grassy weeds can’t be removed by hand. In the worst case scenario, improper techniques can leave burns on your grass, and cause enough damage that it might end up needing a full replacement. Regular garden or lawn weeding works to remove the odd plant or manage perennial weeds. If you are sick of seeing weeds, prevention methods are readily available when you consult professional landscape services.

Your Prince Albert Weeding Service

Weeding, pruning and mowing are all important parts of proper garden and lawn care, so why not have a lawn care company handle them for you? It can be tough to turn over the reigns to a stranger but Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts have years in the field, and know how to treat your property right. By choosing a local company, service is prompt, aftercare is always available and customer service is a top priority.

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