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Richmond Aeration

Richmond Aeration

The components of a healthy lawn or garden are water, sunshine and nutrients. Richmond, along with the rest of Metro Vancouver is known for a lot of rain in fall and a lot of sunshine throughout summer. This might seem like a recipe for success but property owners are still struggling. If you are having a difficult time with your green space, aeration might be the answer. A professional Richmond aeration service can give new life to your lawn through a little tough love.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Irregular growth, discolouration and dead patches are a dime a dozen throughout the Richmond area. These issues are easy to spot but very difficult to correct. Without the proper education, even trying to diagnose the source or cause of the problem is tough. The most common causes of these issues are compacted soil and thatch. During any warm season, grass is revived and begins to grow rapidly. While it is great to see grass growing, there are plenty of things going on just underneath the surface.

Compaction occurs when soil becomes so tightly pressed together that necessary resources are not able to reach the roots and deeper levels of soil. Lawn thatch has a similar results but is caused by tangle of roots and other organics that strangle plants from the roots up. When you begin to notice damage, it will take more than watering your lawn to fix the problem.

Choosing An Aeration Service

Aeration is the process of breaking through layers of thatch and compaction using a heavy machine. The main forms of this are core aeration or through the use of a spike aerator. The former uses a plug aerator to dig down into dirt and pull out a soil core. These cores cut through problem areas and create an opening for water and sunlight to make its way in. Spike aeration achieves the same result but instead of pulling out a core, it uses sharp edges to create a less detectable entry point. When considering which option is right for you – just ask a professional!

After years in the industry, the specialists at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow have been around the block and seen it all. Lawn care does not come along with a manual, so learning what works and doesn’t is a matter of time and experience. Hiring a professional lawn maintenance firm to take care of your exterior spaces means benefitting from this experience, along with excellent customer service and fully insured staff.

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