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Richmond Fertilizing

Richmond Fertilizing

Nothing seems more simple than nature – it just seems to happen, right? While grass and plant life are thriving just outside city limits, making things work in a city is more complicated. Necessary natural chemical resources are available in the great outdoors but to make things work in an urban environment, property owners need a leg up. If your lawn has lost its lustre, let a professional diagnose and treat your issue with a Richmond fertilizing service.

Why Should You Fertilize

A lush lawn or thriving garden does not come without a bit of effort. In the same way that a body needs a proper chemical balance, plants need the same thing. Soil contains a mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Instead of simply making an appearance, all of these components need to be properly balanced. Even a slight shift in one of these resources can throw your whole lawn out of whack. It is easy to see when your grass is in trouble but figuring out how to fix it takes training.

There is a greenhouse on every block throughout British Columbia but picking up a bag of fertilizer does not guarantee the right result. Fertilizers are categorized based on type and content. The two most common times for lawn fertilizing are during early spring, at the outset of growing season and when there is an obvious problem. It is not uncommon for property owners to encourage grass growth with fertilizers but choosing the wrong one can be detrimental to your space. Too much of the wrong thing can cause chemical burns to your grass. Don’t take a chance on chemicals when proper soil testing can diagnose your problem and prescribe the solution.

Choosing Professional Fertilizing Services

Professional lawn care services have all the right resources to get the results that you want. Our experts can not only help identify which chemical mix is right for your home or business but it can safely apply fertilizer as well. The lawn care specialists at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow approach routine fertilization programs with a trained eye and local insight. It is this inside track combined with a commitment to results and safety that set our experts apart from the competition.

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