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Richmond Gardening

Richmond Gardening

Having an outdoor garden can be a blessing or a curse in the same way that maintaining it can be a hobby or a chore. Keeping plants alive is more of a science than it lets on and not everyone can handle the equations. If you are struggling with flowers or foliage around your property, call a professional for your Richmond gardening service.

Location, Location, Location

There isn’t much point in slaving over a garden only to see it wilt away. Putting more attractive plants up front seems obvious, but front and centre does not always spell success. The first steps to any endeavour is to address areas that might be problematic for plants. Certain plants require full sunlight for a certain number of hours per day. Taking needy plants and installing them in low-light areas or around the sides of houses is a recipe for disaster. The key to successful gardens and plants is placement – and that requires a keen eye. Instead of risking improper plotting trust a professional to set your outdoor space for success.

In the same way that foundations and placements are key, so is timing! It is easy to jump the gun and want to start planning and planting before the opportune time. Take warm-weather plants, for example. While you can’t put them in the ground before May or June, there is still fertilizing that must be done. Understanding a timeline for your property is important for successful installations. Some plants are more sturdy than others and can withstand cool temperatures, making March and April prime time for planting. Now, you could spend years studying horticulture or you could call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for a rundown of what works, when it works and how it works.

Choosing Professional Garden Services

While it might seem like a luxury to seek help from a professional gardener, landscaping requires routine maintenance. There is a lot that goes into installing a garden bed but the work doesn’t stop there. Proper maintenance requires pruning, fertilizing, and sometimes even aerating. This complicated cycle takes time and a specific skill-set – both of which our experts have in spades!

Each of our lawn and garden specialists are local to your area. No one understands the needs of your property better than your neighbours and community members. Local insight, years of experience and cost-effective service options means that there is a service that can accommodate any residential or commercial space.

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