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Richmond Hedge Maintenance

Richmond Hedge Maintenance

There are plenty of different types of plants and foliage scattered around the Richmond area but few are as beneficial as hedges. These plants are useful for both residential and commercial properties but they are no picnic to deal with! If your outdoor space is looking worse for the wear, trust Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Richmond hedge maintenance.

The Benefits of Proper Hedge Maintenance

Property owners in British Columbia are no strangers to hedges and shrubs. There is hardly a home or business that doesn’t sport basic or formal hedges – and it is no wonder why! These plants can be a hugely positive impact on comfort levels, as well as bills. Property is a hugely valuable commodity in B.C, so it is not uncommon for homes to be backed up against one another. Lining the perimeter of your space with lush plant life can create a barrier and privacy for those inside. Tall hedges are also able to help with climate control by shading large windows, reducing the heat that travels through glass.

With so many factors at play, it is important to keep green additions in good condition. Basic hedge maintenance is a necessity but it is not always easy. A proper hedge trimming schedule depends on the type of property that you are dealing with. Areas without a lot of sun exposure will show lower growth rates and may require less care. Cutting away overcrowded areas makes way for sunlight to enter inner-areas, reaching those interior branches that have been deprived. Basic care practices include shaping the hedge, pruning, the option to cut branches and even planting. Instead of just digging a hole, uniform and healthy growth relies on being laid down in straight lines using stakes and strings.

Getting The Job Done Right

Unlike the tools required for other household chores, managing a shrub, trimming a tree, or cutting back branches requires a bit more than your basic hedge shears. Investing in power tools or trimmers is both expensive and can be dangerous to inexperienced users. Choosing professional care means getting the job done properly and safely. Each and every Eenie Meenie expert goes through a rigorous training process before ever setting foot in the field. Because your hedges require so much precision care, it is never a good idea to tackle these areas all on your own. Luckily, our local specialists offer top-rated service at cost-competitive prices.

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