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Landscaping Richmond

Landscaping Richmond

Landscaping can turn a bland outdoor space into an urban oasis for property owners in the Richmond area. The process of creating an appealing space is not a one-step undertaking but requires a proper game plan. When you are looking to revamp your exterior space, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow has got you covered! From assessment to installation and picking plants, to overall maintenance, our Richmond landscaping services can handle it all.

What Does Landscaping Entail?

It is easy for property owners to be caught up between gardening and landscaping services. The truth is that landscaping is a broad term used to refer to anything that shapes your exterior spaces. Far from flipping through a catalogue and picking the plants that look nice, our experts create a plan that works. In order to have successful plant life, surrounding areas need to be considered as well.

No project can succeed without a strong foundation. In the world of lawn maintenance, this foundation is based around hardscaping. The process of hardscaping covers construction projects and additions being made to your space. Water features and irrigation systems are prime examples of an addition that contributes both visual appeal as well as increasing property values. While ponds or foundations are beneficial to homes and businesses, their design, build, maintenance are functions are complicated. Professional landscaping maintenance services ensure that features are installed properly with all of the necessary electrical and water hookups. Every addition made by Eenie Meenie Miny Mow is done up to code and according to any governing by-laws in Richmond.

Choosing Professional Landscaping Services in Richmond

It seems easy enough to create basic plant beds and fill them with bright and cheery flowers but to create a plan for your plants, it takes knowledge and experience. Instead of throwing down features and calling it a day, your landscape contractor works with you to ensure the best results possible. A full service landscape company means top-notch customer service and total peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from on-going technical training, years of experience and that our specialists are always fully insured.

Depending on the size and scope of your landscaping projects, trying to tackle tasks on your own can mean damage and disaster. Whether treating your work or living space, attention to detail is a must. You might be able to lay down stepping stones without much trouble but retaining walls, a swimming pool and other large projects demand a proper landscape designer. Proper measurements, foundations and preparation prevent unnecessary or premature repairs and replacements. The most important part of landscaping: installations.

Lawn care is easy with the right tools and time. Residential landscape additions can mean anything from heavy lifting to hooking up electrical or water lines. Luckily, landscape architects have experience working with all the technical aspects of installations but they can also help navigate nature. The best landscaping companies in Richmond, BC work with Mother Nature instead of fighting against it.

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