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Richmond Lawn Maintenance

Richmond Lawn Maintenance

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

There is a lot pressure on your lawn. No matter the size of yard that you’ve got, this patch of grass is the first impression that your property makes to the outside world. Despite how important this impression might be, there are plenty of lawns out there that just are not looking their best. Don’t settle for sick and unappealing grass when a Richmond lawn maintenance service is right around the corner.

Understanding Your Outdoor Space

It is a common misconception that there is a miracle cure for lawn care. The key to a beautiful lawn is, of course, nutrients and water but more so than that it is hard work! There is no way to achieve results without getting your hands dirty. If digging dirt from under your nails, or scrubbing grass stains out of clothes is not for you, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow can help. Routine lawn cutting is more than a chore – it is a necessity for proper and uniform growth.

It is simple enough to run a mower over your front lawn but proper maintenance requires more than lawn mowing to keep grass going. Professional lawn maintenance services combine many facets of care to maintain a healthy lawn. Treating problem areas of discolouration, dead patches or irregular growth need more than a sprinkling of grass seed. It might seem obvious to water your lawn, but drowning grass is a very real possibility as well. Quick fixes or inexperienced treatments can do more harm than good, so leave your lawn care up to the professionals.

Get Results with Emmmow Lawn Maintenance

Some of the biggest threats to grass in your area are weeds, compaction and thatch. Luckily, our experts have methods to treat all of these. Simple processes like core aerating break through blockages under surface levels, allowing resources to reach the roots underneath. The condition of your grass is all dependent on the root system beneath. In addition to giving back to your lawn, our experts take away from it as well. Weed free lawns might seem impossible but our specialists have processes to deal with dandelions to crab grass and everything in-between.

Local technicians and practices ensure that our clients are never left waiting on lawn maintenance services. Instead of coming in and attacking your issues, our Eenie Meenie experts working alongside clients to get the best results possible.

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