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Richmond Lawn Mowing

Richmond Lawn Mowing

Everybody wants a happy lawn but it takes a lot of work to get there and even more to keep it that way. Sure, sunshine and rain play a major role in the condition of your grass but so does mowing. Don’t let your green space grow out of control when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow instead. A professional Richmond lawn mowing service does so much more than trim down length but can reinvigorate your outdoor space.

What Mowing Can Do For You

Whether you are selling a property or staying put, curb appeal is a major feature for homes and businesses. A proper presentation can draw in foot traffic and create an excellent first impression. The most important thing to understand about lawn care is that looks aren’t everything. More than just being about visuals, a manicured lawn can aid in early detection of disease, thatch, compaction and can even help keep pests at bay. Throughout the year, grass goes through a lot. Between battling the elements and searching out nutrients, it is no wonder that lawns are so susceptible to infestation and disease.

As blades of grass become longer, it becomes easier for things to be missed. Dry or discoloured grass is a key indicator of problems lurking underneath surfaces but it can be difficult to spot when grass becomes a jungle. It can be the same way with pests. Long grass is the perfect cover for ant hills, underground wasp nests and even mice or rats.

Choosing Professional Lawn Mowing

There are plenty of department and hardware stores that feature basic push mowers and trimmers but these aren’t always enough to get the job done. Do-It-Yourself lawn care is inefficient both in terms of time spent and overall results. Keeping uniform lines is tougher than it might seem from the outside. As rain shoots up in damp climates, it can leave property owners firing up their mowers at least once a week. Once a week for an average chore might not seem like much, but amateur mowing practices mean more time spent, more equipment to be purchased, more risk of bodily harm and less than perfect results. Why settle for less when you can have an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow expert help you out?

It can be difficult to see exactly how dangerous even basic lawn care can be.  Every year, hundreds of people are admitted to the hospital from power tool-related injuries. The general practices of maintaining grass all involve sharp, swinging blades. Items such as weed whackers do not get the credit that they deserve as power tools. Keep all of your digits intact by having a professional handle all of your lawn and garden needs.

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