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Richmond Mosquito Control

Richmond Mosquito Control

No matter how you look at them, mosquitoes are bad news. Depending on your property type and surrounding areas, mosquito season can last for months at a time. These pests breed quickly, buzz loudly and leave itchy bites behind. If you are noticing higher and higher pest populations around your home or workplace, put aside standard insect repellents and call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! to solve your problem. Our Richmond mosquito control services clear pest populations from large, outdoor areas, creating an inviting space for clients, friends and even special events.

Fighting Back Against Pests

When most Richmond residents think of mosquitoes, one of the first things to come to mind is their bites. No one wants to be used as a walking blood meal for an uninvited pest. These bites are a pain (literally) but they can also be a hazard to your health. Adult mosquitoes are known to transmit disease like West Nile Virus through their bites. As if the itchy, red, swollen bumps that they leave behind are not enough to make you dislike these pests, this is even worse! Illnesses like these are enough to catch the attention of the City of Richmond, who provide regular treatment for city property. This is great for certain parts of the city, but privately owned establishments are often left in the cold. There are plenty of areas where residents can expect to spend a good deal of time outdoors. Sporting events, camping and even weddings are all meant to be special days, but mosquito bites can ruin these pretty quickly. Instead of hiding out indoors or learning to live with bites, have an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! technician banish these bugs for you.

After years in the industry, our pest control specialists have come to know a thing or two about unwanted pests. Part of what makes managing mosquitoes so tricky are their versatile living arrangements, mobility and their ability to breed quickly. Unlike humans, female mosquitoes don’t just have one baby at a time – they have hundreds! Preventing mosquitoes laying eggs around your space means getting rid of any sitting water nearby. There are several prominent species of mosquitoes throughout Canada, each of which needs to lay their eggs directly in or near water. Riverbeds, creeks, pools, fountains and even bird baths can act as breeding grounds, housing tons of mosquito larvae. When you want to treat a thriving mosquito population, it is important to understand them at every stage of the life cycle.

Taking a Green Approach to Mosquito Control

In the past, the severity of an infestation has been assessed through basic mosquito traps. The city will often set out to catch bugs and depending on the number of mosquitoes per trap, residents have an idea of just how bad their pest problem will be. From here, everything from chemical treatments to carbon dioxide baits are used to trap and kill these unwanted pests. This is great in theory, but mosquitoes breed differently depending on their environment. Instead of trying to guess which areas should be treated, the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team treats entire areas.

By choosing local mosquito control services, property owners are partnering with lawn and garden specialists who are dedicated to getting the best results for properties in our community. By using a combination of essential oils and other natural repellents, our experts push pests off your property by creating an inhospitable environment. This makes it possible to displace pests without having to kill mosquitoes themselves.

Each mosquito control treatment keeps bugs at bay for up to 21 days. This makes treatment ideal for event spaces. For business owners, treating your outdoor space for insects means creating a more welcoming environment for guests. Instead of waiting for sprays to wear off completely, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts reapply after two weeks, keeping sprays strong and insects away. Effective mosquito control does not stop with the sprays themselves but involves a bit of investigation. Tracking down any problem areas and breeding grounds, means understanding how to best treat these areas.

In a damp climate, it is more important than ever to clear away any sitting water. Something as simple as an overturned flowerpot or partially drained pool can keep insects coming back to your space. Instead of getting bogged down with bugs, call Eenie Meeniy Miny Mow! to treat your green space, keeping it welcoming for tenants, guest, visitors and friends.

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