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Richmond Pruning

Richmond Pruning

In the same way that your friends or neighbours might get sick, so can your plants! Instead of taking a bit of cough medicine and getting rest, trees, shrubs and gardens require a more in-depth treatment process. If your greenery is looking sickly, act quickly – don’t let it spread – by calling Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Richmond pruning service.

There is hardly a property in the Richmond area that does not have plants lining their perimeters or decorating yards. These additions might sit pretty for a while but it is only a matter of time until they are demanding attention. A routine pruning service benefits property owners by improving the look of plants and by prolonging their lifespan. Basic pruning can help maintain straight lines and uniform designs but it can also protect plants. Disease begins small, leaving only small signs at first but over time it spreads out.

Proper pruning techniques can not only leave plants looking their best but it can encourage healthy growth in young trees and flowering shrubs. Early spring is a growing season for most hardy and cool-weather plants. As growth takes off, small branches and new greenery can block resources from reaching interior layers, causing damage. Pruning cuts back areas of condensed growth, allowing inner-levels to breath properly. Trimming diseased or sickly buds can make way for new growth but it is a delicate balance. Over-pruning can stunt growth and prevent new buds from forming. Don’t take the risk when professional, cost-effective solutions are only a phone call away.

Your Richmond Pruning Experts

Before juggling pruning tools and potentially dangerous practices, consider professional care for your tree service. You might be able to trim away thin branches or buds with basic shears but larger areas like shrubs, trees and hedges demand heavy artillery. The tools required for proper pruning are not limited to pole pruners and blades but includes safety equipment as well. Each and every one of our maintenance experts is outfitted with top of the line safety equipment and training.

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