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Richmond Snow Removal & Salting

Richmond Snow Removal & Salting

Snowy seasons may not last long in British Columbia but ice control is a real issue. Damp environments breed slippery surfaces, meaning big trouble for major roads and for smaller, private properties. If you are done dealing with snow falls and ice patches, call the pros!

Professional Richmond snow removal and salting helps to create clean and passable environments that are safe for property owners and guests. Avoiding injury and boosting curb appeal is as simple as a single phone call to our team of Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts.

What Makes Professional Snow Removal so Important

On the west coast, snowboarding is a popular pass-time but snow rarely stays on the mountain. With snow accumulating around homes and commercial properties, things can get dangerous quickly. Snow and ice are targets for slips and falls, which can be a minor inconvenience or lead to serious injury.

Local governments might handle community spaces but when it comes to residential areas, it is all up to property owners. When it is time to shovel snow, it means a lot of time, heavy lifting and maybe even a frozen toe or two. It might be easy to ignore snow and ice but this can lead to serious consequences.

Ice spells injury but snow buildup can mean expenses. In order to keep things running smoothly, cities have by-laws in place to ensure that outdoor spaces are safe for everyone. Skipping even one day can mean being saddled with an unwanted ticket.

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Approach

Homes are not the only areas that have to contend with snow; event centres, storefronts and commercial areas are all at the mercy of a cranky mother nature. No matter your property type, our experts can handle everything from single homes to apartment blocks to parking lots.

Instead of keeping a Monday through Friday schedule, storms and bad weather can happen 24 hours a day – so our experts never stop working. Monitoring incoming weather patterns keep our specialists ahead of the curve.

Choosing local services means prompt results and access to specialists at any time. No one wants to call in a professional for their anti-icing services, only to be left waiting for a week. Each member of the Richmond snow removal team is committed to getting the best results.

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