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Richmond Weeding

Richmond Weeding

Building the perfect outdoor space takes time, effort and even cash. With so much invested into your grass or gardens, it is a shame to have weeds ruining your visuals. More than just being ugly, invasive plants can cause damage to their surrounding areas. Whether large or small, a professional Richmond weeding service keeps your yard in good condition.

The Woes of Weeds

Without a well-conceived lawn care program, growing a lush lawn is only a dream. All of the grass seed in the world cannot combat the patchy grass or strangled areas that are being affected by weeds. While they might be silent, these invasive plants are working overtime sapping resources from the healthy greenery around them. One of the key features of effective weed removal is recognition. There are types of weeds that stick to surfaces and there are those that stand tall and tower over surrounding areas. These larger plants usually come equipped with deep roots and heavy-duty thorns. It is easy enough to put on a pair of gardening gloves and yank these suckers out, but not all weeds are obvious.

Broadleaf Weeds are the more recognizable of the invasive plants. Dandelions are a prime example of these. Dandelions spread rapidly and can take over properties before you even realize that you have a problem!

Grassy Weeds are extremely common but often go unnoticed. Crab grasses are prime culprits for suffering lawns but because they blend in so well – no one suspects them of being a problem. No matter how these plants try to hide, they are no match for an experience lawn care professional.

Lawn Care Service Safety

The most common way for property owners to treat stubborn weeds is by plucking or through chemical warfare. Chemically-based weed control services have a habit of impacting surrounding areas and damaging the green lawn nearby. Precision treatments allow our experts to bring the battle directly to unwanted growth without the threat of collateral damage. This careful hand and attention to detail helps protect your environment and green space while ‘weeding out’ your problems.

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