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Saanich Hedge Maintenance

Saanich Hedge Maintenance

The right type of plant life can add dimensions to properties. No one gets excited about walking into a boring office building but bright flowers or shaped hedges can turn that all around. Hedges are classified as beneficial plants and can be made to fit just about any space, which is why they are so popular around households and commercial spaces. Hedges require specialized care from the time that they are planted and onward. If you need a helping hand in caring for your existing plants or are making an addition, our Saanich hedge maintenance services have got you covered.

The Benefits of Hedge Trimming

Hedges are a common sight all across the greater Victoria area. There is no doubt that these plants can be eye catching, but is it for the right reasons? Early spring is growing season for flowers, trees and shrubs, so it is not uncommon to spot irregular growth. As uniform lines begin to break away to overgrown shoots and branches, it not only looks terrible, but it can also encourage the spread of disease. Hedges are known to grow rapidly during the early spring and then consistently throughout the year. This means that hedge pruning is not just a seasonal chore. It is easy to see when shrubs or hedges are in need of a little TLC but taking care of the problem is a complicated process – unless you call an expert!

Hand pruners can only do so much for your green space, so ditch the dull, slow approach and choose professional landscaping services instead. Trimming trees at the ground floor is possible if they are short but tall hedges pose tall problems. In order to reach higher spaces. trimmers are necessary. These power tools are dangerous in the wrong hands, but our experts are highly trained and skilled. The right technique leaves properties looking great, all while encouraging new growth. Removing dead, damaged or diseased branches stops the spread of sickness and frees up resources for healthy growth in the surrounding area.

Planting & Trimming Tips From the Pros

The trick to proper tree care is to create good foundations from the git-go, if possible. Placement and proper planting are key to having your hedges grow in tall, straight lines. From this point on, residential and commercial landscape maintenance becomes a breeze. Keeping a yard clean means more than just lawn mowing. Regular care for your hedges is possible through scheduled routine maintenance. It is second nature to snip away at unwanted growths and branches but this can mean big trouble. Over-doing it can mean stunted growth while under-doing it can mean a constant string of trimmings. Don’t waste your time, when you can lean on the experience and expertise of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team in your area.

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