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Saanich Mosquito Control

Saanich Mosquito Control

All throughout the great, wide world, there are few things more annoying than mosquito bites. These pests take chunks out of their human hosts, leaving behind itchy, red welts. In addition to looking awful, these bites are also known to transmit disease. If biting bugs are driving you batty, put down the insect repellents and focus on your lawn. Exterior areas are often overlooked as the source of infestations but tall grass and sitting water are prime real estate for pests. Luckily, our lawn and garden experts have a Saanich mosquito control program for you! Our team of specialists use a natural approach to create a pest-free environment for homes, commercial spaces, along with sports and event centres.

Stubborn Spaces & Problem Areas

It is easy enough to kill mosquitoes with a quick slap. This technique might be satisfying but it won’t do much to control the pest populations around your outdoor space. Treating adult mosquitoes is one thing but when you want to get down to the root of your infestation, it is important to treat all stages of their life cycles.

When you really want to ditch pests, it is important to look outside your front door. Something as simple as a puddle or bit of stagnant water might seem like a minor inconvenience but these areas can also act as breeding grounds. Female mosquitoes breed in the hundreds, so even a few of these can mean being overrun with buzzing, biting bugs. Mosquito traps and baits might work well enough for adult insects but leaving eggs behind can mean swarms in no time. The only way to remove eggs and mosquito larvae is to remove the pests that lay them.

No one wants to deal with the itchy aftermath of a bug bite but when it comes to mosquitoes, you might be dealing with more than just a spot. All across the world, these pests are known to carry and transmit disease. Some countries might have to worry about malaria or dengue but across Canada and the United States, West Nile Virus is the major worry. Pushing pests off properties keeps you comfortable but it also removes an unnecessary health hazard.

In the past, no matter which species of mosquitoes you were dealing with, poisons and other harsh chemicals were the answer. Chemical sprays can leave your hair, skin and clothes smelling awful while mixed compounds can burn grass. When you want to protect your property while preventing mosquitoes from taking over, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood lawn experts.

Saanich Mosquito Control: Our Process

No matter how committed you are to tracking them down, only a trained eye can spot the areas where there are mosquitoes laying their eggs. Far from just setting up a series of traps or carbon dioxide baits and walking away, our experts take a multi-step approach to infestations. Pest control might treat the insects that are plaguing your indoor space, but our specialists know how to create a barrier between your invited guests and the unwanted ones.

Our spray treatments are made up of essential oils and other natural repellents that create an unwelcoming environment for pests and a clear path for people. Each spray lasts up to 21 days, pushing adult mosquito populations out, eliminating problematic breeding grounds and getting rid of the problem before it starts. Treatments can suit for a single special event, like a wedding or birthday party or they can be used for long-term results such as a camping trip or sports tournament. For those property owners looking for long-term results, our experts arrive on-scene after 14 days to reapply sprays, guaranteeing lasting results.

Part of what makes our mosquito control programs so effective is our investigation and assessment process. Your home or workspace might not be plagued by slow draining but there are other ways that your yard might be attracting these pests. In a damp climate, everything from flower pots to unemptied fountains can keep these bugs buzzing back. This is why our staff walk properties, eliminating standing water where able and showing clients where they might expect trouble in the future.

When you are sick of everyday repellents, mosquito control and prevention programs can work for you. Local lawn and garden specialists are available to field after-care questions, as well as provide insight and excellent customer care. When you want to take the sting out of your warmer weather, the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team can help you out with that. Call today for your free quote and take the first step to a pest-free property.

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