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Saanich Pruning

Saanich Pruning

Taking a little off the top isn’t just for haircuts. Spring months encourage rapid plant growth, which means that there is a lot to keep up with. Overgrown branches are an eyesore but when growth gets neglected, so do diseased limbs and problem areas. Regular Saanich pruning services are key to proper tree care. The experts at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! come equipped with years of experience, the right pruning tools and impeccable customer service.

Preparing to Prune

Different plants have different needs, which makes shrub and tree pruning a year-round task. Proper pruning techniques can start in winter or early spring months, continuing into a summer pruning routine until the whole cycle starts over again. When managing young trees, removing dead weight can pave the way for healthy and uniform growth. When you remove dead or diseased limbs, it frees up resources to be absorbed by the healthy growth surrounding them. This is true of hearty plants but it is also true for more fragile greenery like rose bushes and other flowers. Everyone likes the look of florals but not everyone wants to spend time maintaining them.

When rolling through growing seasons, small branches can begin to jut out from uniform shapes. This is enough to make shrubs look bad but tree branches pose bigger problems. As trees grow, they creep closer and closer to sensitive areas like power or utility lines. A professional tree service strives to remove branches from dangerous environments while creating an appealing environment. While looks are important, safety is more so. Rogue branches can put pressure on structures and power lines but trimming them can be a dangerous endeavour. Instead of taking the risk, let someone else handle it for you!

Safe Practice, Great Results

One of the biggest advantages to hiring professional pruning services is safety. Hand shears can only take you so far when working through heavy growth. Once your needs have surpassed these hand tools, it is time to break out the big guns! Hedge trimmers can be bulky and difficult to manage – this is not what you want in a power tool. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts have all the training and experience to handle these machines properly. In the case of any unforeseen incidents – our specialists are fully insured against any property or personal damage. Property owners can rest easy knowing that their greenery is in good hands.

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