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Saanich Weeding

Saanich Weeding

For every colourful, nice-smelling plant out there, there are weeds growing nearby. These invasive and unwanted plants pop up in large numbers and it isn’t long until they begin to take over yards completely. Keeping on top of invasive species takes time, energy and attention to detail, which not everyone can give. Instead of letting lawns fall by the wayside, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts are here to help. Our particular brand of Saanich weeding services helps homes and commercial properties look their best while keeping with bylaws and limiting invasive species.

The Key to Controlling Invasive Plants

The greater Victoria area and Vancouver Island as a whole, draws new residents and visitors every year. For many property owners, weeds sitting on their private lands isn’t a big deal but this isn’t true for everyone. Firstly, a yard overrun with weeds can negatively impact curb appeal, encouraging potential customers to keep on walking and leave neighbours whispering. While community members might have an opinion on both public and private property, so do local governments. Instead of letting unwanted plants take over, rules have been put in place to encourage wide-spread weed control. The noxious weeds bylaw requires property owners and managers to remove weeds in order to prevent them from spreading. In order to stay in accordance with these bylaws and avoid fines, more and more homeowners are turning to professional lawn care services.

Sure, you can pull weeds from a small garden and flower beds but larger spaces need more than a bit of manual labour. Professional lawn care means efficient service and results. The wrong approach means hours of unnecessary labour. The problem with quick-fixes is that they don’t really fix anything. Running down to a hardware store and picking up a weed killer is simple enough but these are tricky to use properly. Improper applications mean damage to the surrounding area, while still leaving weeds standing. Avoid burning grass or breathing in dangerous chemicals by calling Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Advantage

Lawn and garden weeding is a necessary skill when caring for residential, commercial and strata properties. Pulling up large stalks is one thing but it is vital to dig plants out from the roots up. Removing roots is a specialty but so is proper identification. Our experts can help to recognize future problems that you might not even know are on the horizon. Grassy weeds, like crab grass, can be tough to identify and tend to run rampant if left undiagnosed. When allowed to grow, weeds sap resources from nearby, surrounding plant life and strangle roots beneath grass surfaces. Don’t let these unwanted plants have a negative impact when you can have a specialist provide solutions!

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