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Saskatoon Fertilizing

Saskatoon Fertilizing

When rolling into a warm season, grass and gardens need a lot of attention. Early spring and summer see rapid growth but just because greenery shoots up quickly, doesn’t mean that it is healthy. If you are trying to manage slow, irregular or sickly grass, it can feel impossible to gain the upper hand. Instead of struggling, call in an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert. A professional Saskatoon fertilizing service helps bring balance to your home or workspace by providing all the necessary nutrients and care that it needs.

Avoiding Lawn & Garden Centres

During early spring and throughout summer, garden centres pop up left and right across cities. With one of these on every corner, it is easy to get your hands on bags of fertilizer. Tons of property owners have tried their hand at treating their lawns only to have it end up in total disaster. Being able to read a fertilizer label from the bag doesn’t necessarily mean understanding how to properly “feed your lawn”. Every type of grass has its own sets of quirks and needs. Picking up a couple pounds of nitrogen enriched fertilizer might be able to treat certain soil types but it won’t work for all of them. Proper lawn fertilizing requires the right balance of chemicals to encourage healthy root growth, allow grass to grow and encourage root development.

Taking time to water your lawn might give grass a boost but before you give up hope for a healthy lawn, call in the pros. Diagnosing the needs or excess of your outdoor space can be tricky but our specialists rely on a trained eye and soil testing to understand problem areas. Once this is said and done, it is time to apply fertilizer! Ripping open a bag of this lawn food and throwing it down in handfuls might mean a superficial result but it won’t last long. As grass starts to grow, you will see uneven growth or bald patches where treatments have been missed. In order to avoid this, experts will use either a broadcast spreader or drop spreader to properly disperse materials.

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Guarantee

Just because you are a home gardener does not spell success. You might have a lot of luck with shrubs and blooms but lawns are a tricky business. The good news is that fertilizing can happen at any time. No matter what state of its life cycle, the look of your lawn can always be improved. Choosing local services means that your property is not left to simmer on the back burner. Timely service and excellent customer care are hallmarks of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experience. Instead of finishing up treatments and calling it a day, our specialists are available for aftercare as well as Q & A for any questions or concerns that our clients might have.

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