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Saskatoon Lawn Maintenance

Saskatoon Lawn Maintenance

Whether you are managing existing spaces or installing an entirely new lawn, property maintenance is difficult. Watering, lawn mowing, edging and weed control can be tough nuts to crack without the right tools and technical know-how, but that does not stop property owners from trying. Even the best of intentions can lead to unnecessary damage but you don’t have to worry. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts are ready to serve communities with our Saskatoon lawn maintenance services.

Green, healthy lawns are something to brag about. Property owners and managers are quick to show off a thriving green space but it is hard to hide struggling grass. If dry, crunchy, brown or just dead patches of grass are plaguing residential, commercial or strata properties, it is important to not only treat these areas but to find out what the root cause of the problem really is. Proper lawn care services are not resigned to one task but are a mix of many moving parts, some depending on the size, style and condition of your yard and some based on the season.

Early Spring & Summer: Spring is known as the growing season, so this is the best time to manage not only flower beds but grass seed as well. Winters in the prairies are harsh, so as snow begins to melt, grass is in obvious need of a pick-me-up. This is where fertilizing comes in. Supplying lawns and gardens with necessary nutrients can help them bounce back after months of cold temperatures. April showers might bring on May flowers but as summer brings on high temperatures and less rain, access is key. Tools like spike aerators or processes like mechanical core aeration help to create pathways for water, oxygen and nutrients to reach soil layers, encouraging proper growth. Maintaining proper mowing services can also help with insect control and building up a more welcoming environment.

Fall & Early Winter: As soon as the first frost hits, property owners and managers begin to worry about proper care and snow removal. These services are, of course, important but so is fall clean up. When you are in the market for a power rake or de-cluttering, leaf blowing is the way to go. Another round of fertilizing during this time can also help to keep grass in good condition throughout the year.

Yard Care Services in Saskatoon

Letting routine maintenance fall by the wayside is a sure-fire way to end up with an unappealing lawn. Instead of focusing on proper care once or twice a year, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts offer up many options for routine service. For larger spaces or those with lots of plant life, our specialists can operate on a semi-annual, monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly schedule. You can rest assured that when you hire yard care professionals, you are getting the best results, in-depth care and the best resources possible. Even something simple like mowing, leaves behind grass clippings and even some damage, depending on the condition of tools. Dull mower blades can break the tops of grass blades, leaving them looking dry and brittle. Save yourself the trouble of a bad result by calling in a dedicated team of specialists.

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