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Saskatoon Mosquito Control

Saskatoon Mosquito Control

As the weather warms all across Canada, residents are itching to get out to enjoy the sunshine, but this can be tough with pests buzzing nearby. No one expects to head out for a picnic only to be covered in unsightly mosquito bites, but it is a sad reality. Instead of being a walking blood meal, learn to enjoy your outdoor space with a little bit of help from an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert. Professional Saskatoon mosquito control can clear pests away from properties for up to three weeks at a time. Ditch the drugstore insect repellents and opt for an all-natural approach.

What You Should Know About Your Nosey Neighbours

On the surface, there isn’t much to know about mosquito populations: they come, they bite and then fly off. The truth is that, depending on your property type, these bugs might not be going very far. When insects and rodents begin to take over your space, it is common practice to call in a pest control service but thinking outside the box (or the front door) can have even better results.

An adult mosquito might always be after a blood meal but that is not all that they are after. Prairie provinces are known to have flat landscapes, which makes standing water a common sight. More than making for a soggy landscape, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, making these areas hugely problematic for property owners. Preventing mosquitoes from getting comfortable around your structures is key to keeping a comfortable environment for yourself, your guests and your clients.

It is easy to miss the signs that there are mosquitoes laying eggs nearby – until they hatch, of course. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs either directly in or nearby to water sources. If you think having eggs laid nearby is bad, mosquito larvae are worse. During the early stages of their life cycle, these pests might as well be invisible but by the time they grow into their wings, it is a full hostile takeover. No matter which species of mosquitoes are buzzing around your space, our experts have control methods that work.

What Works & What Wilts

Because bugs are such a persistent problem, there is no shortage of tricks, traps and baits out there. Whether your aim is to kill mosquitoes or just create a barrier between you and them, there are plenty of options on the market – they just don’t all work. It is simple enough to pick up some citronella candles or aerosol sprays; more comprehensive mosquito traps might even involve carbon dioxide baits, but these can only hold so many pests at a time. Trapping even a hundred mosquitoes does not do much to keep insect numbers under control. Instead of test-driving different repellents, mosquito control programs stick to systems that work.

More than just bothering you with buzzing, some pests pose a serious threat to your health. Insect bites are one of the most common allergens out there. More than just leaving itchy bumps behind, these bites are known to transmit disease. What might start out as a walk outside in the sunshine can end up resulting in West Nile Virus.

Saskatoon Mosquito Control: The Eenie Meenie Approach

Fogging for mosquitoes has become an increasingly popular way to treat outdoor spaces over the years. This approach works great for a short while, but it also has its setbacks. For many property owners, introducing harsh chemicals into the air around their space is a no-no and even these methods only provide a temporary reprieve from swarming insects.

By combining natural repellents with essential oils, our team has come up with an all-natural approach, designed to keep pests away for the long haul. Each spray treatment is designed to last up to three weeks, which makes it the perfect option for both short and long-term usage. A single spray is great for a weekend event or short camping trip while repeat performances can keep bugs away for whole seasons at a time. Instead of waiting for previous treatments to completely wear off, our experts reapply sprays after 14 days in order to maintain results.

While these treatments might get rid of bugs, it never hurts to be vigilant. Instead of spraying treatments and taking off, our lawn and garden specialists work with clients to ensure the best possible results. A trained eye can spot potential problem areas before they spiral out of control. An unemptied fountain, flowerpot or bird bath might not seem like much of a threat, but they can house hundreds of these tiny terrors at a single time.

With storefronts stretching across Canada, there is always an expert available to take your call. Local services mean timely results and access to after-care resources.

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