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Saskatoon Weeding

Saskatoon Weeding

On paper, getting rid of weeds seems simple: yank them out or spray them down. The truth is that there is more to it than just that. Every day, property owners try to tackle invasive plants on their own. The wrong technique or weed killer can mean a lot of labour, poor results and even damage. Instead of spending hours yanking away at stalks and hoping for success, call in a lawn and garden specialist. Calling Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your Saskatoon weeding needs means great results, great rates and great customer service.

Kill the Weeds, Not the Grass

Unwanted plants are a dime a dozen around Canadian properties. In fact, there are likely several types of weeds in your yard at any given time. Managing a mix of grassy and broadleaf weeds can be complicated and requires several different kinds of care. You might be able to yank certain plants out by the roots but this won’t help for grassy weeds. Chemical sprays might seem like an effective solution but these introduce harsh chemicals into your home or workplace and can even cause damage. You might mean to remove weeds, but in the wrong hands, liquid weed killers can damage surrounding areas as well. Professional weed control services help to take the guesswork out of treatments and help to create a healthy lawn and garden space.

Proper lawn weeding services do more than just kill the weeds around your property but work to keep them away. For those with a large lawn, grass can be overwhelming. During the growing season, it is important to consider invasive plants that are both sprouted and pre-emergent. Just because you can’t spot them doesn’t mean that weed seeds aren’t waiting to pop up. Early spring is the time to get ahead of perennial weeds but without the right diagnoses, proper treatment is impossible. Instead of just getting rid of weeds, prevention is the name of the game for our experts.

Expert Service, Expert Results

Lawn and garden weeding comes down to a science but some owners and managers prefer a more natural approach. While some Canadians try to tackle unwanted growth with household materials like boiling water and dish soap, these techniques are mostly myth. Taking care of a lawn is tough but garden weeding is even worse. Instead of struggling, have an experienced specialist bring results right to your front door. All members of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team are local to your area and are fully insured from the moment they step foot on your property to the moment that they leave. In addition to ditching invasive and unwanted plants, our staff is committed to helping stop them from coming back.

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