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Shellbrook Aeration

Shellbrook Aeration

Lush lawns and green grass can be a helpful addition to any property but if nature has started working against you, you won’t be able to enjoy these for long. Dry, discoloured grass or dead spots are ordinary here and there but for recurring problems, the only thing to do is call an expert. Reaching out to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your Shellbrook aeration means a helping hand (or second chance) for your lawn.

Understanding Aeration

The secret to a green and thriving lawn is to start with the grass roots. Keeping on top of grass length and weed control is one thing but if deeper levels aren’t getting attention, your outdoor space is doomed. Lawn aeration services penetrate soil and work toward a healthy lawn through a little bit of tough love! Grass is most vulnerable during spring and fall months. Going into the warm season, grass needs a bit of help to recover from harsh winters. When scheduling treatment at the outset of the cold season, grass is set for success all year long. If you are unfamiliar with how this service works, aeration is the process of using tools and machines to dig down into dirt, creating pathways for water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the roots and lower soil levels of grass.

So, what makes your law different than that of your neighbours? Why is their grass so healthy and green when yours is struggling? The most common reasons for struggling yards are lawn thatch and compacted soils. Thatch occurs when roots and other organics become tangled below the surface, creating an obstacle course for water to get through. Soil compaction has the same overall idea but happens when dirt becomes so tightly packed together that nothing can pass through it. It is difficult to diagnose what is dragging down the quality of your lawn or garden, but our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts are able to address issues and come up with a treatment plan unique to your space.

The Right Moves for the Right Results

The right tools and techniques are key to getting the full benefits of aeration services. Taking a simple tool like a pitchfork and digging it down into the ground won’t get the same results that a professional lawn care service can. A spike aerator, for example, uses pressure to drive claws down into dirt, breaking through thatch and tough soils. Core aeration uses a plug aerator to dig into dirt, removing small soil cores. These opened spaces can then absorb necessary resources. When it is time for aeration, there is no one better to call than an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert.

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