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Shellbrook Hedge Maintenance

Shellbrook Hedge MaintenanceShellbrook Hedge Maintenance

Small towns are known to have a strong community presence, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t want a bit of privacy. Instead of spending time, money and effort installing, repairing and repainting fences, let hedges help you out. This type of plant life is hugely beneficial to properties of all types but they can be difficult to install and harder to maintain all on your own. Luckily, there are Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts in your area, ready and able to help with your Shellbrook hedge maintenance.

The Benefits of Healthy Hedges

Hedges are present in hundreds of thousands of properties across Canada but they are often overlooked. In colder climates, you might spot these plants wrapped in burlap but these easy-care techniques are not enough to keep them in good shape throughout the year. When in good condition, healthy growth means thick hedges that have an impact both outside and inside. Large windows are key to letting in natural light but they can also allow passersby to get a peek directly into your living room! Many property owners choose to install hedges or shrubs near front windows in order to block out views. This is a great idea but only if you are planning for proper maintenance. Overgrown plants can limit outdoor exposure, forcing tenants to turn on the lights to combat the shade. Flicking a light switch is simple but paying for increased utility bills is a pain.

It is tough to see just how outdoor plants can have such an impact on your wallet but an overgrown cedar hedge has a lot more power than you might think. During winter months, dense greenery can provide insulation from cold winds while providing relieve from direct sunlight throughout summer. They also provide a welcoming environment for urban wildlife like birds and squirrels. With so much riding on these plants, there is no question that regular hedge trimming is a necessary part of the landscaping process. For those residential or commercial spaces that already have hedges along their outdoor spaces, maintenance services are a must but if you are looking for installations, there is no one better to call then Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

Choosing Professional Landscaping Services

Local landscaping services can help improve established spaces but they are also available for proper installations as well. Planting shrubs or hedges means more than digging a hole and dropping plants in. In order to make sure that your additions grow properly, they are planted using strings and spikes to encourage straight and uniform growth. Early spring is known as growing season and this is when it is most common to see branches shooting upward and outward. Sure, hedge cutting or trimming helps to keep appealing visuals but it can also improve the overall health of your plants. Unchecked growth can help to hide diseased limbs, letting sickness spread, resulting in the need for tree removal. Hitting heights while managing a tree trimmer can be difficult and dangerous but after years of experience, it is no sweat for our experts.

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