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Shellbrook Pruning

Shellbrook Pruning

Trees and plant life have to put up with a lot throughout the year, especially in Saskatchewan. Hot summers and frigid winters take a toll on surrounding trees, hedges, shrubs, fruit trees and just about any other type of greenery that you can think of. It is easy to spot a bit of irregular growth but small branches aside, pruning does more than improve visuals. Professional Shellbrook pruning services remove dead and diseased limbs, keep clean lines and protect your property from unnecessary damage.

Getting Ahead of Growing Season

Spring and early summer is called the growing season for a reason. During spring, flowering shrubs, trees, hedges, gardens and even grass begin to shoot up. A hand pruner can usually take care of the odd limb or damaged bulb but in the wrong hands, even these can be dangerous. No matter the time of year, proper pruning techniques are key to avoiding damage and getting results. Over-doing garden pruning, for example, can mean damage for an entire plant. One wrong snip can turn pruning roses into shopping for a new bush!

As a routine practice, pruning can help to snip away wilting bulbs, diseased areas or limbs and even encourage new growth.  Catching onto problem areas quickly can prevent disease from spreading, making all the difference between taking a little off the top and a full tree removal. Regular tree pruning can improve and maintain conditions but it can also help to prevent unnecessary damage. Storm damage is serious damage. High winds and heavy rains can cause dead branches to crack and loosen. It does not take much for dead wood to come tumbling down, landing on cars, damaging utility lines, breaking through windows and potentially causing bodily harm. Save yourself the trouble of unnecessary damage by calling in professional tree services.

Full Service Care

Pruning plants properly means using more than just hand shears. Taking care of trees and shrubs, for example, would take hours to trim with basic hand tools and that is why professionals opt for power tools instead. Industry leading companies like Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! offer up more than a single solution to your tree care needs. Customizable care is what sets our specialists apart from the competition, catering to the unique needs of properties instead of fighting against them.

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