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Shellbrook Snow Removal and Salting

Shellbrook Snow Removal and Salting

A light snowfall usually signals the first days of the winter season but as temperatures drop, buildup and accumulation begin! Instead of suffering through snow fall, have an expert carve out a pathway around your residential, commercial or multi-unit properties. Proper Shellbrook snow removal and salting can help to keep up with maintenance for any space.

A Little or A Lot

No matter where you live on the prairies, it is impossible to avoid snow and ice. Winter weather conditions can range from the sunny and cool to the frigid and dangerous. Property owners might not worry about a single cm of snow, but as it layers up, it becomes harder and harder to ignore. Don’t spend your days shovelling snow when an expert is only a phone call away.

More than just taking up your time, clearing away snow and ice can be a dangerous undertaking. With snow accumulating around walkways, driveways and around vulnerable areas, it can be a serious hinderance to people trying to get by. In the past, the only way to keep things under control was to grab a shovel and take matters into your own hands, but no more.

Traditional shovelling involves hours of hard labour and heavy lifting. Every year, Canadians are admitted to the hospital based around slips, trips and falls due to snow clearing and ice removal. Public works might handle residential streets, street parking and community areas, but private property however, is up to you.

Clearing snow away from the sidewalk in front of your home is great but there is also ice to contend with. Proper ice control involves more than just laying down a handful of salt and hoping for the best. Tracking down tricky areas means being able to anticipate melt and treat it before becoming a skating rink.

Getting the Right Results

When it comes to winter maintenance, different companies will have different service levels. These range based on which tools and techniques are in play but also on which property types can be tackled. Luckily, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts have an arsenal of tools and highly-trained experts to treat commercial, residential and multi-unit spaces.

Depending on the area, our specialists use shovels, blowers and snow plows to get the best results, in the best time frame. Snow shovels and blowers can treat sidewalks adjacent to shared properties while snow plow operators treat larger areas like parking lots.

Waking up to a heavy packing of snow can shut a city down, road ways in particular. Packed streets can bury parked cars, block off bus stops and limit emergency vehicles. With all of this in mind, quick action is more important than ever. Calling local services means prompt service, expert results and dedicated after-care.

Instead of just reacting to bad weather, the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team of experts is always prepared. By monitoring incoming weather patterns, snow fall is not able to sneak up on us! Professional removal services are available as part of a scheduled routine or as an emergency call-out.

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