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Shellbrook Weeding

Shellbrook Weeding

Wild greenery is just a part of the natural beauty of Saskatchewan but with every beautiful floral that you come across, there is a weed nearby. These invasive plants are sneaky, stubborn and difficult to get rid of. While you are hoping for flashy florals, you might end up with dandelions and crab grass. If you are having a hard time keeping up with unwanted growth, just call in Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! reinforcements. Professional Shellbrook weeding services are available to get rid of weeds and leave you with healthy grass.

The Consequences of Having Weeds

Weeds come in many shapes and sizes and that means that properties all across Saskatchewan require customized services. It is easy to let regular weed control slip your mind during winter months but as soon as warm weather hits, perennial weeds become hard to ignore. Early spring is growing season and while your lawn, grass and flowers are shooting up, so are weeds. Weeds in your yard not only look terrible but they are detrimental to its overall conditions. Pre-emergent weeds sap a healthy lawn of its nutrients while, post emergence, invasive plants tangle up roots and contribute to thatch. Professional lawn weeding services work to treat current growth as well as prevent future problems.

When it comes to weeds, prevention can be as simple as properly addressing the types of weeds that you are dealing with. Yanking out broadleaf weeds isn’t effective without reaching down to the roots and pulling up grassy weeds is tougher than it might appear. When you are considering the best way to kill the weeds right outside your front door or spread across larger properties, defer to a lawn care professional. The internet is full of DIY weed removal techniques but these can range from the ineffective to the downright crazy. Some sites might suggest tackling invasive grasses with boiling water and a bit of dish soap or a popular chemical remover. The truth is that the wrong technique can leave lawns worse off than when you started. Chemical treatments can kill not only weeds but healthy growth in the surrounding area as well. Don’t risk the rest of your green space when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! instead.

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