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Vancouver Aeration

Vancouver Aeration

Lawns and gardens tend to keep quiet. Even when plants and greenery are in need, they can’t exactly tell you what to give them. Aeration might not be a word that you hear every day, but this service is helping lawns all over the greater Vancouver area. Grass often shows signs of distress when it is missing out on something like oxygen, water and nutrients. Managing dead or dry spots might seem impossible all on your own but our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts are here to help! Professional Vancouver aeration services can help alleviate stress while giving your grass what it really needs.

What Is Strangling Your Lawn

Oxygen makes the world go round. Without it, no one can survive and that includes plants. Being outdoors, it would seem that grass and gardens would have all of the oxygen that they would need but this isn’t always the case. Even when everything seems fine from above, there is plenty going on below the surface of your lawn; namely thatch and compaction. Compacted soils are pressed together so tightly that no resources are able to pass through. Over time, this starves out grass roots, damaging blades from top to bottom. Lawn thatch, on the other hand, is a mix of roots, shoots and organics that become tangled up. This tangled mess strangles out healthy greenery from the roots, up.

Understanding the ins and outs of aeration takes time, practice and a bit of patience. If you do not have the spare time to learn, prep and carry out your own aeration services, call in a professional. Early spring or fall are optimal times for lawn care. During the cool season, grass is starved while during a warm season, grass suffers as resources become fewer and farther between. By treating your lawn twice annually, you can help grass recover and encourage healthy growth.

Vancouver Lawn Aeration: Understanding the Process

Diagnosing problem areas is tough but treating them is even more difficult. The only way to get results for thatch or compaction is by punching through it. In order to get the best results possible, proper aeration equipment is required to penetrate the soil. The size and style of your property dictates whether a spike aerator or core aeration is the right choice for you. A core or plug aerator plunges hollow tines into dirt, isolating and removing a soil core. While this style removes soil, spikes puncture blockages, creating pathways for water and nutrients.

When it is time for aeration, there is no one better to call than a local expert. Each member of the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! team is local to the Vancouver area, so you are never left waiting. More than being a number on a call sheet, our specialists strive to help their neighbours as quickly and effectively as possible.

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