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Vancouver Hedge Maintenance

Vancouver Hedge Maintenance

Cedar hedges are a common sight throughout Vancouver areas but these plants are often under-appreciated. These particular plants can section off properties, providing privacy and let’s face it, they look pretty cool! With proper maintenance, the right types of hedging plants can add curb appeal to homes and storefronts while neglect can leave them looking unappealing. Don’t get stuck with an unpleasant outdoor space when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! instead. With a bit of help from a professional tree service, your Vancouver hedge maintenance can be a breeze.

The Importance of Regular Hedge Trimming

During early spring, tall hedges just get taller. This is known as the growing season and it is a time for grass to shoot skyward, flowers to bloom and hedges to begin growing out of control. Many property owners try to cut branches with hand shears but these small tools can only take you so far. As growth continues, branches become tangled and thick, hiding unpleasant features like disease. Depending on your landscape design, your property might be outlined by a tree and shrub frame or they might be pushed into a corner. Just because greenery is out of sight, doesn’t mean that it should be left out of mind.

One of the most notable benefits of having hedges is that they add a lot of curb appeal to your space. In a hot, summer climate there is also no such thing as too much shade. Hedges act as an easy way to control some of the elements of your outdoor space. By providing shade and privacy, hedges can make your yard into an inviting space. Over time, however, the clean lines and look of hedges fall by the wayside. Overgrown hedges can provide unintentional housing to unwanted pests and rodents, and can negatively impact surrounding plant life. Don’t let unruly hedges negatively impact your home or workspace – call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow instead. Let regular hedge pruning promote growth in a healthy way while leaving your space looking its best.

Why Choose Professional Pruning Services

On paper, pruning, tree maintenance and care all seem simple enough: maintain the lines and remove the stragglers. It might sound cut and dry but getting results is easier said than done. Taking care of tall hedges is impossible without a ladder, but carting a power tool up onto an imbalanced environment is dangerous. Any time that you feel unsafe using a hedge trimmer – put the power tool down! Instead of letting these machines rust away in a shed or renting an appliance from a hardware store, let a professional handle it for you. You might be able to rent electric hedge trimmers from hardware or department stores but learning how to use them is not included in the cost. One wrong move can lead to an unintentional missing chunk of foliage. When you want the best results for your Vancouver hedge maintenance, all it takes is one phone call to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow. Our lawn and garden specialists provide prompt service with expert results every time.

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