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Vancouver Landscaping

Vancouver Landscaping

The term ‘landscaping’ means different things to different people. No matter what you call it, the goal is always the same: to maintain the overall look and condition of your property. Taking on routine lawn care service is common practice for our experts but so are construction projects and planning. Trying to handle outdoor spaces on your own can end in disaster without the right technique. In fact, taking on larger landscape projects can result in serious damage, increased costs or bad visuals. Don’t take an unnecessary risk when you can call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your Vancouver landscaping needs.

What To Know About Landscaping

Buying or leasing a property is an investment. For homes, you are investing in your own comfort and happiness and for a business or storefronts, you are making an investment to encourage clients and sales. This sounds great on paper, but if yards and exterior spaces aren’t made to suit your needs, it all falls apart. Whether you are updating your existing space or building up a new area before moving in, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts can help create the space (and first impression) that you want. Lawn maintenance is great but building up a new space requires more than that. Landscape design works to help build an outdoor space that is comfortable, visually appealing and functional. Installing something simple, like a paving stone is easy enough but retaining walls or water features are more complicated. Instead of just throwing down materials, these projects require careful thought and planning.

The term landscaping can refer to anything from laying sod to installing brand new features or even gardens. Each service requires a different level of skill and precision. It might seem easy to pull up a lawn or lay down a proper garden design, but there is more to it than you might think. Even something as seemingly unimportant as how much sun an area receives can create a huge headache to your landscaping problem. Skipping over even a slight detail can upend other key factors later on. Mistakes such as these might not be obvious right away but they are very apparent later on. Choosing a professional service for your Vancouver landscaping helps assess your property in order to get the best results. Complete landscape design begins with blueprints and only ends with happy clients.

Why Call The Pros For Your Vancouver Landscaping

Improper landscaping practices can lead to major issues. Simple additions aren’t so simple when water lines are involved. Digging, for example, can lead to damaged electrical work, or water pipes. Large fixture installation requires a lot of muscle, a lot of planning and a bit of luck. Trying to put together a plan for your Vancouver landscaping is not the same as plotting furniture in your living room. Checking permits, laying foundations, and prepping areas is not for everyone, but after years of experience, our landscape architects love it! Your Vancouver landscaping services clear away unwanted materials to create a clean slate for your ideal outdoor area. Sometimes building up, requires tearing down – but at the end of the day, Eenie Meenie Miny Mow gets results for our clients.

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