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Vancouver Weeding

Vancouver Weeding

No one likes invasive plants, but there is no getting away from them. Weeds might be a part of nature, but they are unpleasant to have around your property. The tricky thing about weeds, is that they don’t always look threatening. Some of these unwanted plants can have thick, thorny stalks while others, like dandelions, are bright and cheery. Tackling a weed removal all on your own means hours of hard labour, only to get sub-par results. Instead of breaking your back, leave the bending, squatting, pulling and spraying to the professionals. Calling Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! for your Vancouver weeding services means expert care with none of the effort!

The Dangers of Weeds

Managing weeds is a part of basic lawn care but not everyone realizes just how important it actually is. Around every property, there is only so much space and so many resources. With each weed that pops up around your lawn or garden, there is less room for healthy plant life to thrive. During the growing season, grass, greenery and weeds shoot up, seemingly over night. In order to kill the weeds around your property once and for all, there needs to be strategy. Creating a plan of attack for handling pre-emergent plants and ditching invasive growth post-emergence.

Keeping your lawn and garden clean of unwanted plants seems like a simple enough idea but depending on the types of weeds in your yard, this is a tall order! Proper weed control is not a one-and-done type of service. Heading to the store and grabbing any basic weed killer is not a guarantee of results. Broadleaf weeds can be yanked up, but unless you happen to catch the root, all this does is provide temporary relief. Grassy weeds, on the other hand, are harder to spot and impossible to just dig up. Common lawn weeds don’t necessarily mean common removal tactics. There are plenty of chemicals on the market that claim to get rid of weeds with no muss or fuss but this is not always true. Improper application of chemicals can kill the weeds around your space but it can also damage the surrounding area. In trying to take care of your lawn, grass can get the short end of the stick. Instead of risking burn marks, or even replacements, have an expert handle your garden and lawn weeding services.

Go Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! For Your Vancouver Weeding

Many lawn and gardening services limit their map to designated areas, but our experts go anywhere and everywhere. From West Vancouver, up to North Vancouver and then back down south, there is always an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialist in your area. When you choose our specialists, you are getting results for your current weeds, prevention for future ones and help in-between. Each and every member of our team is fully insured for any accidents that might occur. For perennial weeds or surprise newcomers, our experts always have the answer.

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