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Victoria Aeration

Victoria Aeration

Keeping track of your own oxygen intake is as simple as taking a breath – it comes naturally! The same goes for your lawn, but when they airflow stops, grass can’t exactly take a deep breath. There are several reasons that your lawn or garden might not be getting the oxygen circulation that it needs but, one way to fix the issue is with our Victoria aeration services.

What Is Aeration?

Aeration is a key component of a healthy lawn. Brown spots might happen over the summer months but frequent instances of dead or dry grass should not. Some of the most common reasons for suffering lawns are soil compaction and thatch. Both compaction and thatch are common issues faced by property owners. Soil compaction refers to a level of tightly pressed dirt that prevents water and nutrients from reaching the foundation levels of grass. Without the right resources, your lawn doesn’t stand a chance against the elements. Thatch is a term used for a layer of organic debris that strangles growth from above. The process of Victoria aeration involves punching through these layers of soil or thatch, allowing for proper growth as well as the passing through of water and nutrients.

How Does Victoria Aeration Work?

If your property is in need of a professional aeration, there are some things to consider. Performing an aeration in the spring months or during heavy growing seasons will give your property the head start that it needs. It might not seem complicated to punch holes into dirt, but without the right tools and training, all of your effort could be for nothing. When you choose Eenie Meenie Miny Mow for your Victoria aeration, you are getting all of the insight that leads to success. Our services are prompt, professional and our staff work alongside clients to make sure that we always achieve the best results.

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