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Victoria Mosquito Control

Victoria Mosquito Control

Dealing with mosquitos is a hot button issue across North America. These biting pests’ span from coast to coast and everyone has their own system of dealing with them. From simple slaps to burning citronella, pockets full of laundry sheets or harmful chemicals, it can feel impossible to manage insect populations. Instead of suffering through itchy bites or wasting time on ineffective treatments, just call Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!  Our team of local experts have developed a system of Victoria mosquito control that works! Treating pests at the surface level might provide a bit of temporary relief but our experts are more concerned with the long-haul. This is why our services address pest populations from eggs and upwards.

For years, insect repellents have been a top seller at hardware and department stores. British Columbians are known to be active, so it is no wonder that campers, hikers and sportsmen are quick to slather on sprays and creams hoping for a bit of relief. This approach might work for a while but it also requires re-application and exposure to harsh chemicals. The same goes for yards and outdoor spaces. Spraying chemicals over large areas introduces harsh and hazardous materials into commercial and recreational areas. When in search of something to eat, mosquitoes can become pushy and invasive. This is why many property owners place traps and carbon dioxide baits around high-traffic areas. No one wants to tee-up on a golf course, only to breathe in a burst of pesticides. This is what makes proper, effective and safe pest control so important. By taking a multi-step, environmentally friendly approach, our specialists are preventing mosquitos from laying their eggs, building a home and taking over your property.

Identifying Breeding Grounds: The first step to getting rid of mosquito populations is to identify where they are coming from. Unlike other pests who prefer to lay eggs in a dark corner of a low traffic space, these tiny terrors tend to stick near stagnant water. On average, female mosquitoes are able to lay between 200 to 300 eggs at a time. Depending on the species of mosquitoes in your area, these eggs are laid either directly in, or next to standing water. While it is possible to lay eggs outside of water, mosquito larvae cannot survive without access to fresh water.

Clearing Away the Culprits: While many home or business owners are keen to kill mosquitoes, there might just be a better way to reach a pest-free environment. Swatting at an adult mosquito might be a satisfying end to an unwelcome bite but managing one insect does not do much for the hundreds (or thousands!) more living behind the scenes. Instead of focusing your fight on one adult, it is important to treat pests at any and all stages of their life cycles. This is accomplished through an in-depth inspection of the problem areas around your property. Anything from flowerpots and bird baths to an upturned bottle cap can house these tiny vampires.

Routine Care: There is one thing to know about all repellents: mosquitoes are stubborn! A one-time treatment of your space is not enough to keep pests away for good. Mosquito traps and sprays might work for a while but keeping them away requires constant upkeep.

The Trouble with Mosquito Bites: It is never nice to be made a meal out of, but that doesn’t stop pests. Common insects like ticks and mosquitos are quick to latch onto human hosts and use them as a juice box. At their best, bites leave behind red, itchy bumps that become swollen, while at their worst, these bites can transmit disease. Globally, mosquitoes are known to spread fevers, malaria and dengue among others, but in North America West Nile Virus is a cause for concern. Keeping insects at bay means reducing your risk of skin irritants along with serious illness.

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! Approach to Mosquito Control

In order to keep communities safe and enjoyable, the experts at Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! have developed a system of control and deterrents that clear mosquitos from large areas for weeks at a time. These treatments are perfect for event venues, as well as businesses that thrive off of outdoor recreation like sports fields, golf courses, campgrounds and more.

Instead of pumping properties full of potentially harmful chemicals, the Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! approach to mosquito repellents is all natural. In an area where mosquito season can last months at a time, it is important to come up with a system that protects the environment while putting up a barrier against pests. Instead of creams and sprays that you wear, long lasting results begin at the ground level.

The first step to a successful treatment is to track down potential problem areas, searching out stagnant water and treating it when possible. You might not be able to drain a creek, but you can dump sitting water out of a bird bath or up-turn a flowerpot. Once these issues are out of the way, it is time to get down to treatments! By spraying a combination of essential oils and other natural repellents, you can avoid mosquito bites by preventing a mosquito breeding and settling down in your yard.

Instead of trying to manage mosquito borne issues, work with an expert to banish these bugs from your home or workspace. Treatments last up to 21 days but instead of waiting until sprays have completely worn off, our experts reapply after two weeks in order to make sure insects keep their distance.

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