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Setting Up For Spring

Setting Up For Spring

Whether you are dealing with heavy snow falls or frozen temperatures, winter has arrived in Canada. As gardening tools are quickly being replaced with shovels and snow blowers, it is tough to imagine managing warmer weather. Planning ahead can mean the difference between  a successful growing season and a disaster.

Look ahead to a bright and colourful Spring season with a bit of help from an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert. From the first frost to the last thaw, there is never a bad time to map, budget and plan your major lawn and garden projects. Waiting until the last minute can mean blowing your budget, missing your deadlines and ending up causing more headache than happiness.

Make Your Daydream Into a Reality

Your home should be an oasis and that means a mix of personal touch and functionality. Whether you are more interested in a thriving garden, an elegant water feature or a concrete environment, it is always important to plan.

Complimentary Plants: For those property owners with a green thumb, lush and colourful plant life might be the goal but simply being able to keep plants alive is not enough to build a garden. Certain greenery goes together while others do not. Consulting an expert before planting can mean preventing strangulation and encourage healthy growth.

Hardscaping: During any construction project, everyone knows to measure twice and cut once – but not many people associate gardening or lawn care with construction! Any time there is heavy lifting around an outdoor project, it falls under the umbrella of hardscaping. Without the right experience, even a straight-forward project like garden boxes can be mis-measured, leading to soil spilling, damaged plants and a big mess to clean up.

Ditching DIY Efforts: Experts are experts for a reason. After years of experience, our team of professionals can assure clients that there is more to every project than meets the eye. Trying to tackle large projects, like excavations and stonework can lead to costly repairs, replacements or being stuck with unsightly results.

Choosing Local Services

Opting for local lawn and garden care means getting the best results in the best time frame possible. Choosing technicians from within your community means hiring experts who are dedicated to customer service, as well as expert results and advice for our friends and neighbours.

Setting Up For Spring