Suiting Up For Spring Cleaning : When to Rake and When to Wait – Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

Suiting Up For Spring Cleaning : When to Rake and When to Wait

Suiting Up For Spring Cleaning : When to Rake and When to Wait

The second that temperatures begin to rise, property owners are keen to get outdoors and work on their lawns and gardens. After being cooped up for colder months, this is no surprise but premature lawn care can be trouble! There are plenty of items that may have collected on grass throughout winter but before you grab a rake, there are a few things to consider! 

Running a rake over lawns that are still damp can ruin grass, leaving bald patches behind, meaning expensive repairs and replacements. Avoid unnecessary damage by taking a few cues from our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts – or better yet, calling them for your lawn maintenance needs. 

When to Wait 

Nothing could seem easier than reaching for a rake and scraping up debris and lawn litter in order to improve the look of your lawn. After all, leaving leaves and other large debris to sit can suffocate grass, causing irreparable damage. Dead grass can also contribute to thick thatch layers, which block nutrients from reaching healthy grass roots. 

In theory, raking is all benefit – but this is only the case when soil is not wet. A rake cannot tell the difference between healthy and damaged grass blades. Damp soil and grass are susceptible to being pulled up, dragging up healthy blades. Excessive moisture is a problem at any time but following a snowy season your soil is highly at risk. 

Native insects and hibernators tend to hunker down under layers of lawn debris until the weather begins to warm. Digging up this layer of debris can damage – or even kill! – these insects that are so important to our natural ecosystems. With so many things at stake – ditch the rake and wait for warmer weather! 

Professional Lawn Maintenance: Beautiful Grass and Peace of Mind 

Warm temperatures are not enough to give a green light for raking. Even if the sun is out and the day is warm, does not mean that your lawn is ready. Soil stays cold much longer than you might think. Checking the temperature and condition of your soil is key to not uprooting healthy plants and keeping conditions at their best. 

Choosing professional lawn care and maintenance ensures that your exterior space is always looking its best and in the best condition. Fully insured staff approach your property with years of industry experience and technical knowledge. 

Suiting Up For Spring Cleaning : When to Rake and When to Wait