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The Advantages of Bundling Services

The Advantages of Bundling Services

With winter right around the corner, it is time for property owners to start winterizing their spaces. It is easy to get caught up protecting the interior of homes by sealing spaces around windows and doors, which leaves outdoor spaces out in the cold. Ignoring exterior areas can only mean rolling into spring with setbacks. Whether you have been diligent with your lawn and garden care throughout the year or have let things lax just call in our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts.

Understanding the Struggles of Your Lawn

For grass and established gardens, both summer and winter months put your outdoor spaces through the wringer. Dry heat and drought leave greenery parched and coatings of snow and cold temperatures freeze fledgling growth. In both cases, your yard needs to replace lost nutrients and ditch potential hazards. Instead of struggling with step-by-step processes and a hectic care schedule, have a specialist handle it for you. While it is possible to book different services for different days, there are advantages to creating a care plan that is unique to your space, all with the help of an expert.

Leaf Blowing: For those with larger or more complicated outdoor areas, getting rid of leaf buildup can be exhausting. Raking can take hours of hard labour, leaving bits, pieces and callouses behind – and then there is the bagging and removal! Leaving leaves to sit under a layer of snow means organic rot and bacteria. Having a lawn and garden specialist pay a quick visit to your residential, commercial or strata space can have debris bagged up in half the time and taken away at no extra cost.

Garden & Tree Care: Depending on your climate, even the toughest plants can be damaged by cold temperatures. Having a specialist examine your plant life can mean protecting it from even the most frightening weather.

Fertilizing: Spring might seem like the optimal time to fertilize lawns but this is only partly true. Feeding your lawn in the spring is a great way to renew resources lost during winter and give your lawn its best shot at healthy growth, however, Fall treatments can help greenery tolerate barren winter months.

Just one of these can benefit your grass but all together, these treatments can set your yards and outdoor spaces up for success throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to call an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! expert for your free quote today.

The Advantages of Bundling Services