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The Final Days of Fall

The Final Days of Fall

Depending on the climate around your property, it can be difficult to maintain lush, green lawns throughout spring and summer. As if these dry months weren’t enough of a challenge, fall and winter are even worse. Cold weather might be ushering in winter months but it is not too late to save your lawn and garden from destruction.

A Well-Rounded Workload

A bit of care through the cold might seem unnecessary but even a few simple steps can help to preserve your grass, all year long.

Fertilizing: As temperatures drop, blades and upper areas of plants slow their growth while roots continue to grow below surfaces. “Feeding” lawns in fall encourages proper root growth by providing proper nutrients that can be stored and accessed in times of need.

Seeding: If lawns are showing signs of distress, fall might just be your time to shine. Seeding is not just for new or young lawns but can help to fill in bare spots and thicken the look of lawns and grass.

Keep Up With Cutting: Rainy seasons might see grass and other greenery shoot up around outdoor spaces. As sunshine, rain and warm weather make way for colder temperatures, mowers are often put into storage. Leaving grass to just grow long can allow it to become matted or mouldy. Regular trimming leading up to winer and a more thorough cut just before winter can help to pave the way for uniform growth in Spring.

Tackling Thatch: It can be tough to diagnose a tangled mess of roots and organics as it forms just below the surface but thatch does make a mark on your lawns. Aerating before winter can break up any organic buildup that formed over summer. This process helps to limit fungal issues and rot.

De-Clutter Lawns: Leaving items to sit on lawn surfaces can lead to smothering. This might be from layers of sticks and leaves or it might be from lawn furniture, toys or even sitting tools. A proper raking and clean up can help to preserve the look and condition of your space.

Calling in an Expert

It can be tough to keep up with the demands of a seasonal overhaul – unless you call an expert, that is. Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! crews are local to your area, are fully insured for service and know exactly how to prepare your property for a cold snap.

The Final Days of Fall