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The Hardships of Hardscaping

The Hardships of Hardscaping

Proper lawn and garden maintenance requires more than a green thumb and a bit of general knowledge. Understanding the habits and needs of plants is great but when you are looking to build an ideal outdoor space, there is always heavy lifting to be done. Whether you are lacking the time, the know-how or the physical ability to plan, haul or build, our experts can help.

Building Up an Outdoor Space

Whether you own your own property or manage a space, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of landscaping. Landscaping refers to the general care, maintenance and installation of plants and greenery. Planting and pruning are sure to help a garden bed thrive but they do not help to lay the plans for these spaces.

An ideal or inviting yard will look different to everyone. For some, it might be nothing more than a lush lawn while to others, it might mean a rock garden. In either case, you don’t get there without a bit of heavy lifting.

Construction: Throwing down a few paving stones or wooden frames is one thing but even these can have disastrous results. The wrong placements for walkways or stones means tripping hazards, slippery surfaces due to algae and invasive growth. Other construction projects, like garden beds and retaining walls depend on foundations. Without the right foundations, all of these are subject to shifting and potentially toppling over.

Hauling: Whether moving sod or construction materials, none of these are light. Having fully-insured lawn and garden experts cart and carry all of these necessary tools means relieving yourself from the heavy lifting without sacrificing results.

The right exterior spaces can help to boost curb appeal, adding value to properties and lending an impressive visual. For items as large as gazebos to garden beds, our experts can handle it all.

The Hardships of Hardscaping