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The Responsibilities of Homeowners

The Responsibilities of Homeowners

For many Canadians, it is a dream to own your own house and create an ideal living space. This comes along with a lot of creative wiggle room to design and decorate but it also means having to create a safe environment for those around you. Sure, homeowners are responsible for anything that happens inside their space but what about the outside?

Even in an urban environment, the world right outside your front door can be treacherous. From dips and grooves in lawns that lead to sprained ankles to slips and falls caused by snow and ice, there is a lot more to be wary about.

Exterior Care for Your Home

The purpose of a green space is to be able to enjoy it. Whether it is purely visual or required room for play, a pitted lawn or broken concrete can lead to serious injury.

Uneven Lawns: One of the most common causes for uneven lawns is animal interference or erosion. Digging, often a trait for dogs, tends to leave grooves behind. Freezing and thawing also tends to uproot soil, creating foot-sized holes for tenants or guests to step into. The quality of lawns also plays a factor in this. Thin lawns, for example, are more noticeably uneven, whereas lush lawns tend to hide these problem areas much better.

Solution: Treating an uneven lawn can seem like an uphill battle but depending on the time of year, there are certain tasks that can help to make a world of difference for your outdoor space. Fertilizing in Spring can help to thicken up lawns, as reapplying grass seed to those thin or patchy areas. As Summer comes to a close, proper aeration also helps to alleviate thatch, helping to prevent large upheavals in soil.

Buried Pathways: From coast to coast, Canada is known for Winter. All it takes is one bad storm front to take over necessary walkways and entry points. This not only looks terrible but can lead to serious injury as well. High-stepping through snow accumulation is not only inconvenient – it is illegal. By-laws are in place to protect those individuals who have to navigate properties every day, all day, like postal carriers or delivery persons. Failing to keep areas clear can mean large fines and a lot of headache.

Solution: If you find that you are having trouble keeping up with the daily demands of winter, trust a professional to get the job done for you. Scheduled care for your snow removal and salting needs helps to avoid painful injuries and keep costs down by cutting fines

The Responsibilities of Homeowners