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Whacking Weeds & Promoting Healthy Plant Life

Whacking Weeds & Promoting Healthy Plant Life

Canada is a natural wonder. Everywhere you look, there is either planned or persistent plant life. Whether it is a neighbourhood garden or just natural patch of green, it would take years to get to know all the plants in your community. Because of this, it is easy to miss it when weeds start to take over. Everyday weeds can be leafy or flowered, short or tall but they are all trouble for your lawn or garden. If you are having a difficult time managing invasive growth or plant life, one call to Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! can help whack away weeds while encouraging healthy plant life.

Don’t Ignore Weeds

Every day that weeds are allowed to thrive around your property, healthy plant life is suffering. Root systems run deep underground, sucking up resources from surrounding greens that you want to thrive. Fruit plants, like strawberries for example, are in direct competition for resources and can die out if weeds are sucking up their water and sunlight.

Dandelions are a type of flowering weed that just about everyone is familiar with. It is no surprise these these tiny terrors spread their numbers quickly and can take over properties before you know it. The most important rule of treatment for weeds is to act quickly! Many of these plants have a shelf life- as long as they do not flower and seed. This means that identification and removal need to be completed as soon as possible – and there is no one better for this job than a professional.

Don’t Bother With DIY

Even if you are able to spot a troublesome growth, there is always the question of the best way to deal with it. Many gardening centres will offer up chemical removal methods, to make life easier for their clients. Any time you are dealing with a harsh chemical, there are things that can go wrong. Improper applications can ruin surrounding areas, burning grass and killing off otherwise healthy plants. When you choose a professional lawn and garden service, specialists  understand the ins and outs of physical removal and chemical treatments.

Whacking Weeds & Promoting Healthy Plant Life