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What Makes Salting A Must

What Makes Salting A Must

Property owners are quick to call in a lawn and garden expert to tackle mowing or planting needs but seem to neglect outdoor spaces once the snow begins to fall. Whether you live in an area that is prone to snow fall or just a drop in temperature, there is always ice right around the corner. Slips and falls might be funny in the movies but the reality is much less pleasant. 

Avoid personal injury, fines and by-law violations by having a professional handle your salting needs. Getting the right results means doing more than throwing down a fistful of salt and hoping for the best. Understanding your property is key to a successful salting – and our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts know their stuff! 

Pointing Out Problem Areas 

Unless it is in a designated skating rink, ice is always a problem. Whether you are in a snowy climate or just anywhere that drops below freezing during winter, your property is always at risk of ice collection. The trouble with ice is that it can form anywhere and at any time. Just because it wasn’t there in the afternoon doesn’t mean that it won’t develop overnight. 

Sunny afternoons might be a great reprieve from cold weather but in areas with snow accumulation, these can lead to slippery surfaces. As snow melts during the day, it refreezes overnight. Any ice is bad news but hard to detect ice is the worst. Melted snow can leech into even the most complicated areas and textures. Even if a sidewalk looks clear but the grooves are full of ice, it opens the door for slips and falls. 

After years in the industry, lawn, garden and outdoor specialists know what to look for. Sharp angles around foundations along with dips and grooves around yards can all collect water and become problem areas. Instead of taking a risk with your foot traffic, call an expert to apply ice efficiently and keep guests on their feet. 

Schedule Your Care 

Depending on your location, snowfall may be in full swing or you might be in the throes of a rainy season. In either case, there is never a bad time to get in touch with an Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! specialist. Services can be booked according to weather systems on a regular, scheduled basis or as an emergency call out after an unexpected cold snap. 

What Makes Salting A Must