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Why Choose Regular Weeding Services?

Why Choose Regular Weeding Services?

Everyone wants to have an inviting outdoor space and when it comes to unruly greenery, weeds are enemy number one. From cheery looking dandelions, to fat, thorny stalks, these invasive plants can be stubborn, dangerous and ugly. Traditional removal methods don’t always get the results that you want.

Depending on the size of your property, the type of weeds you are dealing with and the season, unwanted plants can quickly grow out of control. Any garden centre or department store has a section or aisle dedicated to lawn and garden care but just because a product is on a shelf, doesn’t mean that it works. Before spending time and money on weed control products, consider the pros and cons of these products and techniques:

Pulling: Getting your hands dirty is the most common type of weeding used around households. This method (in theory) works for stalky weeds that have a definitive area to grab and pull. If you can spot it, you can rip it out. The trouble comes when you don’t reach the roots. Pulling up a growth might make your lawn look better but without pulling out the root, these will be back in no time. Tugging out a weed around a smaller property can be helpful but when it comes to larger lawns, this can take hours of hard labour without much of a result.

Chemical Sprays: Weed killing sprays seem like a great alternative to spot treatments like pulling. These tools are designed to treat bits and pieces of large areas, particularly for those grassy weeds like crab grass. The problem with these is that amateur applications can leave wide-scale bald patches across properties. More than just killing grass. these sprays can kill surrounding areas as well.

Handheld machines: There are tools out there, designed to dig down into dirt and grab weeds from the roots, allowing users to rip them up. These can leave gaping holes in lawns, creating tripping hazards and leaving yards looking worse off than they were.

The EMMMOW Approach

The Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! approach to weeding means customizing treatments to fit your space. From sports fields to backyard gardens, any space can be a hotbed for weeds. By catering services, there are no unsightly surprises left behind. An eco-friendly approach and fully insured staff provides peace of mind to our clients.

Why Choose Regular Weeding Services?