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Winterizing Your Space

Winterizing Your Space

If Canada is known for anything, it is its winters. A single cold snap can last up to year, depending on what part of the country you call home. This is a lot of time to be cooped up indoors! An inviting outdoor space can be a prime selling feature for any property but that doesn’t do much good in winter – unless you prepare for the cold. A proper winterization can mean the difference between enjoying your home year-round or letting your outdoor space go to waste.

Managing the Mercury

Open air spaces, like patios are great for passing breezes in summer time but they don’t do much in winter. In fact, with little coverage, many property owners run passed their patios in order to reach the warm indoors. Instead of by-passing this area, ask an expert how to utilize it. When in the midst of warm weather, simple additions like fountains can add to curb appeal but when it gets cold, these are problematic.

Leaving water to sit in pipes can mean freezing, bursting and water damage over time. Any exposed electrical can also mean damage. Instead of waiting for these features to become problem areas, consult with a professional on how to keep things running smoothly. Instead of just caring for your existing features, our Eenie Meenie Miny Mow! experts help to pick and choose what makes your space as perfect as possible.

Winterizing: Building Up An Ideal Space

Many property owners are willing to work with what they’ve got but why stop there? Simple additions and installations, like a an outdoor fireplace help to create a warm environment to spend some time in. Tossing up sheeting is a way to keep cold air out but it doesn’t exactly mean visual appeal. Having the best of both worlds means consulting with a pro to create a winter wonderland that isn’t an eyesore.

Winterizing Your Space